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Pelorus – A Bespoke Contemporary Coastal Garden for All Seasons by Garden Designer David Loy

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The Sustainable seafood garden

By Ireland based garden designer Andrew Christopher Dunne. “The Sustainable seafood garden” tells the story of the journey from tide to table of the fish and seafood that surround and inhabit the island and the multitude of people and industries that support it.

Contemporary Sloping Garden

By Reading based MSGD garden designer Andrea Newill. A contemporary sloping garden around a generous level terrace within the sloping site, laid with sawn, contemporary beige limestone to tie in with the interior floor of the house.

Romantic Country Garden

By Reading based MSGD garden designer Andrea Newill. The property is in a stunning location within an area of outstanding natural beauty bordering national trust meadows and ancient woodland.

Low-Allergen Village Garden, Bramley Hampshire

By North East Hampshire based garden designer Sarah Plested. The owner of this garden had a severe hayfever allergy so after research, the plant selection was based on non-wind pollinated plants, flower shape reducing pollen exposure and ground cover plants to prevent weeds.

A traditional family garden

By London based garden designer Pippa Schofield. After building a new conservatory it became clear that the view out onto the garden needed improving. 

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