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Enjoying your garden

How does your garden heal?
By garden designer John Frater. For millennia nature and gardens have been associated with health and well being. However, somewhere in the late twentieth century the main stream health care establishment lost sight of this.
Austerity Needn't Be Dull…
By garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd. 'Grow Your Own' …In An  'Arabella' Kitchen Garden
Garden Keep Fit
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Early Spring is a great time for getting out in the garden and doing a lot of groundwork.
Football madness
By garden designer Sarah Layton. For parents of sports-mad children the garden is a challenge.
Food from your garden
By garden designer Catherine Heatherington. For many, food in the garden stops with the barbeque. But what could be more satisfying than picking your own rocket and lettuce, tossing in a dressing and eating on the spot?
The garden by night
By garden designer Catherine Heatherington. Light, sound and scent combine to create the atmosphere of the night garden. As dusk falls the city recedes and the intimacy of the space is magnified.
Art for gardens
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. The last five years of garden design have all been about bringing the outside in and the inside out, making rooms out of the garden and connecting the two spaces in every way imaginable. Has it been successful?