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My greenhouse by Nicola Lindsay
The Potager: Gardening from the past, made for the future

By garden designer Charlie Bloom. A Potager by definition is an "ornamental kitchen garden", its intrinsic beauty being that it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

National Trust land for allotments
The National Trust is creating 1,000 allotments for people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.
Crops in Pots
By Plant for Life. It is a common misconception that you need a lot of space to be able to grow vegetables.
A simple guide to propagation
By John Molyneux. Although some think that propagation is complicated, there is nothing mysterious about it and it is worth the effort. Seeds and cuttings need 3 things; heat, light and moisture.
Water works

By John Molyneux. Hydroponics is a bit of a mystery to many growers but it is simply growing without soil and it has been used for centuries to help growers achieve better results than conventional soil growing.