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Wildlife and Eco Gardening

Gardening for bumblebees

By Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Wildflowers have become scarce in the countryside because we've lost  many traditional habitats like hedgerows, hay meadows and chalk grassland. Wherever you live in the UK you should be able to attract at least 6 bumblebee species to your garden, and perhaps as many at 10.

Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden
Attract butterflies to your garden. Whether brilliant orange, yellow, blue, or even black, butterflies can rival any flower for breath-taking beauty. Butterflies are particularly attracted to purples, mauves and pink flowers.
Gardening for Wildlife...
By Plant for Life. Encouraging butterflies, birds and other wildlife into the garden is a joy in its own right and goes a long way to protect the survival of many creatures within our environment.
Recycling and harvesting water
By garden designer Alice Bowe. Hints and tips for creating more eco-friendly and sustainable garden designs.
Sustainable garden design materials
Green, sustainable and eco-friendly garden design does not mean you have to compromise on good garden design. In fact careful, considered thought about materials and how they are used often lead to better design and better results.
Gone to rot
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. One of the most enjoyable parts of gardening for me is making compost.
Hosepipe ban do's and don'ts

By the Horitcultural Trade Association. In February, the water companies said that a hosepipe ban could only be averted by above average rainfall in the south east. Since then rainfall has been above average, but still the restrictions came. Here are 10 things can and cannot do under a hosepipe ban.

All dried out
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. I was going to start this month by giving some handy ways to beat the hosepipe ban and keep your trees and shrubs alive but before I got there I started thinking about the reasons for a hosepipe ban.
Whatever the weather
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. This winter has seen a heated debate about whether our climate is changing for the worse or whether we're just having a decade or so of seasonal adjustment.
Centre stage
By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Andrew Fisher Tomlin looks at improving your front gardens whilst being aware of the environmental impact.
Welcome wildlife into your garden

By garden designer Sarah Layton. As a child I remember the joy of watching garden birds feeding, or bathing with their delicate feathers all fluffed up, of watching a butterfly flit from one colourful flower to another drinking nectar in the sun.

Recycled garden

By garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Someone approached me the other day and said they were fed up with seeing all these crisp new concrete walls, bright colours and fancy flooring in relatively ordinary gardens. It got me thinking about how some people are fast getting into a cycle of replacing gardens every few years, almost as often as we replace kitchens and re-decorate our homes.