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Wildlife friendly bird protection

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Question from tania oddi


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Last year I found a small bird had flown into my gooseberry netting, got caught and died. It was very sad and I do not want a repeat of this, this year. Has anyone got some tips on netting safely?

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st April 2016 07:59

Re: Wildlife friendly bird protection

Reply from Sparklyanna

How sad, do you know I hadn't even thought of that and I've recently splashed out on a load of butterfly netting, now I'm wondering if I should use it. I've done a search on Google and found a possible option worth trying, although I've not used it myself:
In Australia they provide further advice to safeguard their wildlife:
Finally, the advice given on the RSPB website is: 'Birds are also likely to be tempted by your soft fruits such as raspberry and gooseberry, so if you don't want to share, you'll have to cover them with 4 cm netting, this wider netting reduces the possibility of birds getting caught up. The netting should be taut, and hanging old CDs from it is a good way to make it more visible. ' Thanks for flagging this up, I'll definitely be placing CDs around the netting I'm using.

  • Posted: Fri. 22nd April 2016 17:59